“We interrupt our normal programing for an important shoe related announcement”

This just in. I have discovered shoe heaven in the form of ShoeTube, an online community for women who love shoes. Yes people. ShoeTube! I must admit that upon my discovery I sat slackjawed for several minutes while I contemplated the sheer brilliance of a site all about shoes! Amazing.

ShoeTube’s slogan is Live life. Love Shoes. What more is there to say? Let the church say AMEN!

I’m working on developing a series of workshops for non-profits, helping them to understand how they can use Web 2.0 and social media tools to build community and further their missions. Because of this I’m elbow deep in research on social media an social networking communities. Shoetube demonstrates that you can build community around anything. Hmm… maybe I’ll use this as an example in my workshop :)

I know some of my readers (namely my big sister), stopped reading this post in the first paragraph and are already over at ShoeTube watching the Daily Shoe. So why not join her and head on over to Shoetube. In addition to the Daily Shoe, other features include Shop Til You Drop and Behind the Boot. There are blogs and a community section where you can chit chat about shoes to your hearts delight. Finally don’t miss the Donate section. Shoetube has partnered with Soles4Souls, a fantastic non-profit whose mission is to to impact as many lives as possible with the gift of shoes. A very worthy cause. Take a moment to look at the great suggestions for ways in which you can get involved with Soles4Souls’ work.

In the meantime, Live Life and Love your shoes!

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