A Different Kind of Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day today, and while I don’t subscribe to the insane merchandising extravaganza its become there is something I love about it.

Every year, my writing fairy godmother, Deb – who hosts the Living Out Loud writing group I love so much – has a love themed Valentines day version of group. To quote Deb, “its like every other group, only more valentiney”.

It’s cool that this year Valentine’s day falls on a Saturday so we will actually have group on the day. I am so looking forward to it.

I love this group so much, because there’s almost no place where I feel more able to be “myself”.  I get to pour myself on to the page, then read what has spilled out of me. I actually speak into the world thoughts and feelings  I don’t generally express out loud.

Blessed, blessed relief. It’s like undoing my spiritual belt after having had too much eat.

Something about writing in the supportive, safe space of the group seems to give me a freedom to be myself to an extent I’m still not completely comfortable with in the day-to-day spaces of my life.  It seems to me that self-expression and self-acceptance are the highest expressions of love we can show ourselves. This is the love I’ll be celebrating this Valentines day. Yummy.

Another cool thing this Valentines day is that perhaps for the first time in my 35 years, I have spent no time obsessing about being single. There have been absolutely no thoughts about getting cards, flowers, or chintzy gifts. I haven’t felt sad or woeful because no one has offered to take me on a romantic dinner. One might think that this is a result  of me being distracted by the recent upheaval brought about by the flood,  but I’m certain that it’s not the primary reason. It may be a contributing factor, but I think the main   reason is that I feel perfectly OK as I am. More and more I am beginning to recognize my completeness as a persistent state of being that is not dependent on the accoutrement of a boyfriend/husband/significant other. Also, more than any time in my life I also know how LOVED I am. Loved by my family, my friends, total strangers, god, the universe, my cat, the sun, the rain, the moon! As I said in my last post, lately I feel a sense of swimming in love.

So all that being said, I thought I’d share a very special video. Consider it my  Valentine’s day gift to y’all. It’s by one of my favorite bands, Freshlyground. They are an eclectic, talented and soulful group of South African musicians. Listening to their music is a sure fire way of making me HAPPY. I picked  up their latest album, Ma’Cheri when I was in South Africa. It is absolutely awesome.  This song is on that album.

Every time I watch this video I smile. I can’t help but feel inspired by love as its portrayed here. It’s brilliant. Brilliant I tell you. Ok, I won’t say any more. I’ll let the music speak for itself. Enjoy!

Much love,


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