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The Valentines day writing group was great. We started with a prompt inspired by the 25 Random Things About Me phenomenon that’s  occurring on Facebook, and were asked to write 25 random things about love. Holy writer’s block. I hated this prompt. I’m not sure why. Maybe its because I don’t do well with lists. All I know is that it was hard for me.  I found myself feeling stuck and unhappy doing it.

For the second prompt we were each handed a poem and this time the writing flowed without effort. I thought I’d share that piece here because it really seemed to connect with people. Ironically, its all about love. :)

I’ve met a lot of people lately. Strangers who don’t feel like strangers. And I want to love them.  The cab drivers, the policemen, the movers. The woman at the candle store. The woman at the storage space where the trappings of my life are piled into a ten by eight cube. The timeshare guy who I talked to for hours about writing and creativity and his 10-year old son. The woman at the little boutique in Newport. So many seeming strangers, so much love.

The cab driver who told me about her ex-husband’s death bed apology to her. The other cab driver who told me about his parents divorce over 30 years ago.

I have this urge to love  people now. To love them by really and truly seeing them.  Not who they are, but what they are. Love. My brothers and sisters. There is a quote I love which says that you can “listen your brothers and sisters into existence”.  Maybe that’s what I’m doing. Listening them into existence.  It’s urgent and intense, this compulsion I have to wrap my arms around the world and love people.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m a little unhinged.  Like when I meet someone who is so beautiful it makes my cry. Makes me feel filled up with something so buoyant and expansive that I cannot contain it. It prickles my skin as it seeps out of me. Am I leaking love?

It happened when my 8-year old nephew wept a little  because his 4-year old cousin was sad that everyone was leaving.  His heart is so pure and true it makes me ache with love.

Am I turning into some sort of free-love, I want to hug the world freak?  I keep talking about love. Talking about how much I love people. What does it mean?

What is that quote?  “Somtimes I feel like I am being carried by great winds across the sky”. That’s how I feel lately. Caught up in a tornado of love. Except it doesn’t destroy things. This tornado is soft and warm, enveloping me in something that makes me know that I am okay. It floats me from the top of the cone down to the bottom and back again.And like any tornado it pulls into its center anything that comes across its path. So as I dance around in my tornado, the cab drivers and the movers get swept up with me and we spin and bounce against the soft sides together. And as this group of women sits here open-hearted  we are all being buffeted  by this tornado that is love. This is how is should be.  How it is. This feeling of open expansion that’s making me cry as I write this. As we listen each other into existence, I’m thinking I don’t care if I sound like a new-age freak. All that really matters is this thing that I cannot contain. This feeling that’s breaking me free of my body and filling the room. This essence of something bigger than all of us, yet of us.  This love. This moment. This love.

  • http://debcooperman.blogs.com/entertaininginfinity/2009/01/audio-update.html deb

    Mmm; so glad to be able to be with that piece some more. Just delicious. (can i tell the babes that you’ve posted it? you know how everyone wanted to hear it again!)

  • Sue

    Deb, yes, please tell the babes that its posted. It makes me happy that something I wrote connected with the group.

  • http://debcooperman.blogs.com/entertaininginfinity/2009/01/audio-update.html deb

    Oh, and don’t forget – if you don’t like a prompt (like the random things offering) you can always toss it and make it up the way you want.) :)


  • peg

    WOW I love it more re reading it. “And as this group of women sits here open-hearted we are all being buffeted by this tornado that is love. This is how is should be. How it is. This feeling of open expansion that’s making me cry as I write this. As we listen each other into existence”

    It is so rich….Thank you , Sue……
    Love Peg

  • Sue

    You’re so right Deb! I was so stuck on not liking the prompt that it was hard to for me to event take another direction. I do love the freedom of the prompts though!

  • Sue

    Thanks so much for stopping by to re-read the piece Peg. It’s feedback that keeps on going. I love it :) Much love.

  • Kathy

    Yummy Love! Thanks for sharing this delicious Valentine’s Day treat.

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