37 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge: Day 1

The challenge got off  to a great start this morning with a 9am class.

I was  little apprehensive going in because I hadn’t been to class for more than a week. I was worried that my body might have a hard time adjusting to being back in the heat. Especially since I did a little bit of “indulging” over the past week – something which is guaranteed to cause some difficulties in the hot room.  As it turns out I actually had a really strong, focused and powerful class. It was led by one of my favorite instructors, the room was full and the energy was high. There was a whole lot of sweating going on, and the heat felt pretty delicious to me today.

Here I am - hot, sweaty and very happy after class on Day 1

It’s late on Day 1 and I’m writing this post right before I fall into bed.  I didn’t have any free time to write after class, because I had to go back to work at a clients office. I was doing a network installation yesterday which went way longer than I expected so I ended up having to go back there today.

I had a few thoughts after class which I intended to share, but given that I’m so tired I can barely type, I’m going to  save them for another day.

I will say this though…

When I walked out of the yoga studio this morning, I was profoundly and deeply grateful. For everything in my life… even the difficult, painful, sucky sad stuff .  I felt gratitude  for being able to practice this yoga, for being able to do this challenge and for this earthly container that my spirit has been walking around in for 36 years.

It was one of those moments of clarity which come to me not often enough, in which I am achingly aware of how much of a gift my life is. No matter how “difficult” I sometimes imagine it to be.

When I got into my car, a song started to play on the radio -  Live Like You’re Dying by Kris Allen. How perfect and right on time. It was the perfect soundtrack for what I was feeling in that moment.

It occurs to me that one of the  reasons why I’ve become a crazy Bikram Yoga addict is that practicing this yoga makes me feel more and more aware of being alive.

With awareness comes gratitude and with gratitude I am able to more often remember to live like I’m dying.

One of the lines in the song says “we only got 86 400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or throw it all away”.

5400 hot, sweaty seconds a day starts to feel like less of  a sacrifice when I realize that it’s helping me to remember this important lesson.

Live like you’re dying.

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