#reverb10 Day 14: Appreciate the journey

December 14 – Appreciate What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)

This year I have come to have a deep appreciation for the journey which is my life. All of it. Even the hard things.

Like any journey, there are detours and unexpected delays. There are accidents and there is misdirection.

It’s so easy to be upset when things go wrong. I have often asked “Why me?” when faced by challenges on my path. Why couldn’t my road be smooth sailing all the way?

Yes, this year there has been much that has gone “wrong”. I’ve made wrong turns. I’ve run out of gas. I’ve been stuck in traffic. I’ve been detoured by other people and situations beyond my control, and sometimes I’ve just ignored the intuition telling me to go one way and gone in the opposite direction. I have spent hours hopelessly wandering, hoping against hope that somehow I would find my feet back on familiar ground.  More than once I have found myself sitting by the side of the road – stranded. There have been many times when I’ve wanted to turn back and give up on the journey. “Maybe”, I’d sometimes think,” I should just stay where I am”- even if it wasn’t where I wished to be.

I have never given up on the journey though, because I know where it is leading, and so each time I’ve been stopped in my tracks, I have rested, regrouped and kept it moving. Something deep inside has held on to the belief that it is worth it. That this road is leading me to incredible joy and fulfillment.

Here is the amazing thing. I am grateFULL for ALL the bumps along the way. The journey would not be as rich nor as meaningful without them. The difficult things have been gateways to so many gifts which are priceless beyond measure.  Most often these gifts cannot be seen in the moment.

Looking back the way I have come, I see so clearly why I needed the obstacles.

I can see where being stuck offered me an opportunity for much needed rest. Where a detour led me to the discovery of  new and unexpected vistas. Where a crisis served as a reminder that there are untapped depths of strength and wisdom inside me.  Where a breakdown brought help from strangers and the reminder that help is ALWAYS at hand. When I have felt the most helpless, I have been able to learn acceptance of what is.

I would not change a single part of the journey. Even if I could.

  • http://www.brokedownartist.blogspot.com Emily

    “I am grateFULL for ALL the bumps along the way. The journey would not be as rich nor as meaningful without them.” Yes- so true and so easily forgettable without reflection. Your post is beautifully written and embraces the inevitable difficulties in life so that they can teach us things. And so that they can show us the way. Thank you for reminding us of that!

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome Emily. Thanks for reading and commenting. You’re so right that its easy to forget, but this process of doing some reflection every day brings so much into clear focus.

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