#reverb10 Day 28: Achieve

December 28 – Achieve What’s the thing you most want to achieve next year? How do you imagine you’ll feel when you get it? Free? Happy? Complete? Blissful? Write that feeling down. Then, brainstorm 10 things you can do, or 10 new thoughts you can think, in order to experience that feeling today. (Author: Tara Sophia Mohr)

The thing I want to achieve most in 2011 is PEACE.

I’m guessing when it happens I’ll feel peaceful :-D

I’m not talking about World Peace (even though I’d love if that could be achieved in 2011 also). I’m talking about inner peace. My peace.

No I don’t want to spend my life suspended in a meditative state with everything quiet and still around me.

I just want to have that surprising sensation of knowing that I am OK regardless of what’s happening around me.

I’ve had glimpses of this peace in 2010 and I want more of it.

This peace is like a beautiful little nugget that you carry around inside. We all have it, but for most of us it gets buried in the mass of emotional turmoil that is our life. I know mine was buried for along time, but I’ve been excavating and it began to be revealed for me in 2010.

This nugget is treasure indeed. It holds the precious truth of who and what I am and carries with it the reminder hat this truth cannot ever be taken away from me and cannot ever be changed. No matter what seems to be happening around me or to me.

When I remember this truth I remember that I am not my drama or my mistakes or my trauma or my failed relationships or even my successful relationships. I am ME.

When I remember this truth I remember that it is no one’s responsibility but my own to love me or to make me feel special or to make me happy.

When I remember this truth I know that I am OK and have always been OK and will always be OK, come what may.

When I remember this truth I know that I am, as Max Ehrmann put it so beautifully in his famous quote “a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars”.

This is what I seek to achieve.

Unshakable, constant peace.

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