2011 Reading Challenge – the Inveterate Joiner strikes again

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”  ~ Ernest Hemingway

So after [almost] completing the #Reverb10 Challenge back in December (I responded to all but 2 prompts) I clearly needed some other challenge to sign up for.  I just can’t help myself.

This challenge is one near and dear to my heart because it involves something that I do all the time anyway – READING. My favorite thing  to do in the entire world, besides spending time with those I love.  Although, depending on what I’m reading that’s sometimes a toss up. :)

I have joined the 2011 Reading Challenge over at online reading community GoodReads. The idea behind the challenge is simple – motivate yourself to read more. While I don’t think I need any motivation to read more – if I did I might not have time to do anything else – I do think it will be fun to track what I’m reading this year and reconnect with my love of reading a little more consciously.

The nice thing about this challenge is you get to set your own reading goal, so I have set a goal for myself of reading 111 books. There is no particular science behind my selection of the number other than that its 2011 and I like the symmetry of  the ones. (I also thought that reading 2011 books might be a little too ambitious, even for me.)   This averages out to reading 2.3125 books a week.  Time will tell how realistic this is.

I’ve already had so much fun just thinking about what I want to read.  Several weeks ago I prepared myself by spending  a day organizing my little library.  I removed all the books from the shelves, dusted them off and put them back in perfect alphabetical order.  It was fun to see and touch some of my favorite beloved books and also to be reminded of how many I have yet to read.

So expect to see me reflecting on some of the great books I plan to read in the weeks and months to come.

Check out the sidebar on the right of the blog to see what I’m currently reading and where I am with my reading challenge.

4 books down, only 107 to go.

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