To cut or not to cut (my hair)… that is the question

For many months now I have been toying with the idea of cutting my hair. I’m not talking about cutting my locs a little shorter… I’m talking big-chopping my hair down to a teeny weeny Afro (TWA).

I have had a number of signs recently:

Singer Chrisette Michele

  1. A few months ago a woman came into a Bikram yoga class rocking a TWA and I was oh so envious. Partly because it was super cute. Partly because of the  freedom of doing all that sweating sans hair.
  2. Big Sister recently cut her hair into a TWA. She looks gorgeous. She knows how to rock a classy TWA.  She came home with a sassy head full of tiny curls, tinted with just a hint of red-brown color which catches the light just so with every tilt of her sassy head. LOVING it.
  3. Then, whilst perusing the interwebs I came across a pic of the incomparably lovely and talented singer Chrisette Michele after she big-chopped her hair into a gleaming golden TWA last year. So stunning.
  4. Last night I had a dream in which I was putting my hair up into a ponytail (something I do far too often).   As I wrapped the hair elastic thingy around the ponytail one last  time the entire thing came off in my hand effectively leaving me with a TWA.  (Although I had a few locks remaining at the back of my head which hung over my shoulders in a disturbingly mullet-like fashion.)  The significant thing about this dream is that I did not gasp in horror as I stared at my hair clutched in my hand. In fact I recall feeling nothing but a sense of relief.

Truth be told, the desire to undergo the Big Chop (BC) has been with me for close to a year now. Clearly I need to make a decision one way or the other.

Reasons not to do it

  • Its scary.
  • There is a distinct possibility that I may do it and then suffer massive regret – at which point there will be no turning back and I will be miserable and may have to resort to wearing wigs.
  • I have invested over 10 years in to growing my SisterLocks.
  • I will lose the styling options I have with the SisterLocks,  although the infrequency with which I actually style my hair renders this point moot. More often than not my hair is worn in the dreamed about ponytail.
  • What will people think? Part of me is afraid of the assumptions people will make based on this hairstyle. Particularly  professional contacts. I recognize that a) I really shouldn’t care what people think, particularly since I have zero control over their thoughts anyway ;  b) that anyone who is judgemental  enough to make negative assumptions about me based on my hair, has probably already done so based on my present hairstyle; and c) any people who are narrow minded enough to judge me negatively because of my hair  really aren’t the kind of people I choose to work with. Given their general judginess it is just as likely that they are judging me based on my skin color, nationality, gender etc.
  • No more long hair for my man to run his fingers through -  with the TWA  its more a case off running a hand over.  However this point is rendered [temporarily] moot given that at present I am manless. :)

Reasons to do it

  • Its scary.
  • Change is good. Recent events in my life have caused me to do some massive revaluation of who I am, what I believe, and how I choose to live etc. I’m talking pretty major shifts in my fundamental “me-ness”. I can only describe it as major reset as I prepare to move into the latest version of myself. Sue 3.0. (If you’re wondering when Sue 2.0 happened, believe me when I say it did – I just didn’t mention it here). What better way to reset than by Big Chopping my hair?
  • I have heard it said that hair carries energy and absorbs the stress and negative energy from our experiences.  Following this line of thought then my hair is carrying some CRAZY energy, given that I’ve had my locks for 10ish years which spanned both the Sue  1.0 and  2.0 days. Believe me when I say there were lots of  system crashes, general buggyness, hacker attacks and many incidents of mental viruses and malware going on in those versions. It seems logical that any and all negative energy must be released from my person in order to enable version 3.0 to run smoothly.
  • Freedom. After a more than a month off I will be getting back into my regular (almost) daily Bikram yoga practice. It would be so wonderful to sweat without having all that hair on my head.  No more having to worry about constantly washing, rinsing and drying my hair in order to avoid having stinky-sweat hair.
  • We’re heading into summer here and a cute little TWA is a perfect summertime look. Plus it’s wash and go! No muss, no fuss.
  • The toss of the genetic dice which blessed me with a nicely [normally]  shaped head and ears which are not too sticky out so that I actually look pretty good with short hair. I had really short hair for a few years back in my 20′s and I loved it.

I’m sure there are other factors, but I won’t belabour them here. Needless to say a decision needs to be made, and hopefully that will happen soon. After all, its just hair.

  • Nina

    I know exactly how you feel. I want a TWA but I’m afraid I’ll regret it. At the same time, I want to free myself from hair, at least for a little while. I think the pros and cons are equal…how about rock paper scissors? :-)

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