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“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

~George Bernard Shaw

There are big happenings in my life!  I am being swept up in a huge wave of change.  New projects, new partnerships, and new possibilities are appearing at such a rate that my head is spinning

You’ll know from a my last post that I was doing some serious questioning about what  I was doing with my life.

Well ask and you shall receive. My questions were heard and the universe has begun to deliver all sorts of amazing answers in the most incredible ways!

My New Role

I am thrilled to let you all know that at the invitation of  my friend Kathy Smyly Miller, CEO of  Wellness Possibilities (www.wellnesspossibilities.com) I have taken on the role of hosting their podcast – Holistic Health & Wellness - which is one of the most popular alternative health podcasts on iTunes. Past guests on the show have included people like Debbie Ford, Christiane Northup, Bernie Siegel, David Wolfe and Mallika Chopra.

My first interview was with the author of one of my ALL time favorite books ~ The Four Agreements . What a gift it was for me to be able so speak one-on-one with the wonderfully wise don Miguel Ruiz. I first read the Four Agreements 4 or 5 years ago, and it has been powerful support tool in my own personal evolution. It is one of those books which I come back to often. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have my first interview with.

I got the email from Kathy inviting me to host the podcast at the height (or depth) of my questioning, but the seed for this happening was planted a few years ago in some conversations we had.  At the time I was really interested in the idea of helping Wellness Possibilities put together a podcast. It never happened, and from where I stand now I am SO grateful for that. I recognize that I just wasn’t in the right place to have been able to do it.

Now the moment is perfect and the timing is sublime.

My New Partnership

In addition to hosting the podcast I will be partnering with Wellness Possibilities on some other projects. There is even the possibility of  sharing a BEAUTIFUL office space with them, thus ending the isolation of working at home  – and opening the door to even more possibilities.

My New Offerings

I am riding the wave of this amazing creative energy surrounding me, and I will also be re-imagining and re-aligning my technology work so that I can experience the same joy doing that, that I am experiencing with the new hosting gig. I will be creating some exciting new support offerings for small business owners around the conscious use of technology!  More to be revealed.

See what I mean? Change, change, change! There is so much more I could say about all of this transition – but not yet.

Please check out the Holistic Health & Wellness Podcast and listen to my first interview with don Miguel Ruiz.  Tell me what you think.

New episodes will begin airing on Monday June 20th. We’re lining up some wonderful guests so stay tuned for more details!

  • http://www.debcooperman.com Deb

    OH MY GOD! (where have i BEEN? how did i not hear anything about this?) (oh yeah, it’s me, me, me…)

    OK, so in the world where it’s not all about me … :)

    … this is the most FANTABULOUS thing I have heard about in AGES. I am throwing virtual confetti in your direction; popping corks of bubbly and other celebratory schtuff. (and to kathy too; what an inspired partnership!)  I fargin LOVE this. (almost as much as i love your new do) (but i digress)

    This is awesome times awesome.

    I was really looking forward to our hang-time on the 17th, but now I’m super-really looking forward to it. (oh wait, you’ll be at writer babes this weekend too, right?)

    Wee!  Color me thrilled/celebrating.

    (could you tell?)

  • Anonymous

    Deb! I Excited much? I just saw your response to the news! Loving it and laughing out loud. I love that you are so thrilled  for us… particularly since Kathy and I met at the Writer Babes! I fargin LOVE It too. It has all happened and come about SOOO quickly I haven’t really had time to tell people. My head is spinning a little but I am having so much fun!!!!!

    I will be seeing you in just a couple of hours (yeah baby – so ready to write) so we will tell all and you can see the new do in person.

    much love

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