On new digs, my B.A.D; holding the space and Bikram going viral…

The tides of change continue to wash over me. It is exciting and sometimes terrifying.   The changes occurring are pushing me beyond my comfort zone in almost every area of my life.  It would seem that I have stepped into a vortex of accelerated growth. :) I am grateful, however. I feel a completely different person than I did a short month ago. The best part is that I continue to have fun.

New digs and my B.A.D.

The B.A.D

I have officially moved into the Wellness Possibilities office and I have a B.A.D – that would be a Big Ass Desk!!!   :)  I love this desk. It feels so “grown-up”.

After 2 years of working out of a corner of my living room, I am so enjoying having an office to go to everyday.  I hadn’t realized how isolated I was beginning to feel working by myself all the time. My creativity and productivity have soared in the time I’ve been here.  There are a couple of other things to love about working here:

  • The dancing -  yep, there are dance breaks throughout the course of a normal work day. If  a good song comes on, we crank it up and DANCE baby.
  • The dress code – to quote my office mate when I asked if there was one – “If you can dance in it then you can wear it to work!”

  • The learning – WP and the people who are a part of it are all about growth and learning. I am already experiencing expanded growth.  It is such a part of what this company is about that it would be impossible to be here and not experience growth. This is not without its challenges because I can tell you all now that all my STUFF is coming out because of it.  I guess it’s coming up so it can be dealt with and released. This can be emotionally exhausting, but I’m grateful that it’s happening.

On holding the space

There is another unexpected aspect to my role with WP. It looks like I’ll be doing some regular Vlogging (video blogging if you’re wondering what that means).   I have already recorded one video.  This is a great example of something that brought up some stuff for me. While I was excited about the idea of vlogging, the thought of it made all my habitual patterns of feeling unworthy/fear of success/fear of failure/fear of success come forth in all their insanity. Intense stuff!  I’m sure I’ll talk more about it as I work my way through it. In the meantime here is my first video:

Bikram goes viral (sort of)

I’m so excited that several members of my family are trying out Bikram yoga! My cousin in London is on day 17 of a 30 day challenge! And my brother and his wife in South Africa are on day 4 of their first 30 days.

You guys know how much I love Bikram yoga, so you can just imagine how happy this news makes me. It has been an important tool for healing and wellness on my journey.  When I saw my family a few months back – everyone was astonished by my how much weight I had lost and how much better I looked compared to the last time they’d seen me. Obviously I shared my Bikram experience and apparently the difference in my body and my health was enough to convince Big Brother and Sister-In-Law to try it. They live in Johannesburg and there is a studio pretty close to their house. Loving it!!  Now I just need to work on getting a studio in Zimbabwe…..

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